1) How can I register on Newindianmatrimony.com?

Registration is easy & free of cost. Please log on to www.newindianmatrimony.com.  Fill the REGISTRATION FORM by providing the requested details. Once you complete the registration form the profile is screened and made available to be viewed by other members within 24 hrs.

You can register through Government approved Aadhaar based registration and highlight your profile as Genuine.

2) Can I register on behalf of a relative or a friend?

Yes, in the Registration Form, you can register for your Daughter/Son/sister/brother/Relatives by providing required details.

E-mail id is utilized as an alternate login id and hence is unique for each profile. Once an e-mail id is updated on the website then it gets recorded in our database and cannot be used again even after deleting the profile.

3) What is profile validation?

All the profiles are validated before inclusion in the database. Validation will be done within 24 hours. We validate each and every profile carefully on specific criterion before it is added to our database. An e-mail will be sent to you once the profile is validated and added.

4) Can I log in through “Sign up with Aadhaar”, whether it is secured?

Yes, we are using highly secured Government approved Aadhaar verified details. So you can log in to Sign up with Aadhaar” with your Aadhaar details. It helps your profile to become Aadhaar verified profile. It highlights your profile as a genuine profile.

5) What should I do if I am not able to “Sign up with Aadhaar”?

You can do registration manually or ‘Sign up with Facebook’ and provide the required details. Then you can go to “My Profile” then select ‘Online Aadhaar Registration’ to do the verification. 28)Why select New Indian Matrimony.

6) What are unique features of New Indian Matrimony?

  • India’s first matrimony portal with Government approved Aadhar based registration to avoid fake profiles.
  • A brand that has video/audio to share preferences about the partner.
  • Express your interest for free with predefined messages.
  • A brand which has easy interface access to find the perfect match.
  • All the user data are Highly secured 

7) Why should I complete ‘About Me & Family’ and expectations boxes?

‘About Me & Family’ column will allow you to project your personality, your education, family background, your likes and dislikes, your career and personal interests and above all your expectations about your future life partner.

Giving of correct and concise self-description about you and right expectations about the future life partner will always receive more responses than those profiles that fail to mention such details.

8) What should I not write in about myself and expectations boxes?

Write only short and brief descriptions and don’t make them lengthy. Never write any objectionable, vulgar or racist comment. Never write your contact and address particulars in the boxes.

9) What makes a profile good and bring in immediate responses and quick results?

A profile becomes complete and good only when all the required columns are filled in with relevant particulars, and included with multiple numbers of good profile photos taken in a studio. Such a profile brings in more responses and quick results.

10) How to find the preferred match in New Indian Matrimony?

Fill the Partner Preference in the ‘My Profile’ and save it. Then go to ‘My Match’ and find your match according to your preference.

11) How to protect the user photo?

Log in to your account. Go to the My Profile, click on Manage photo. Upload your photos and click “Protect Your Photo” Then provide the password to protect your photo. The preferred user need the password to see your photo.

Note: Only paid member can use this “Protect Your Photo” option.

12) How to change the password of my profile?

Click on the Profile photo then select Change Password.Provide the New password and Save it.

13) What are privacy settings for ‘My profile’?

The purpose of a filter is to help you decide on the type of members who'll contact you. Set a broad preference so that you get a good response while eliminating non-relevant members from contacting you. If you set narrow preferences, you will not get any response.

•            Anyone can view my full profile including non-registered members. (recommended)

•            Only registered members can view my full profile.

•            Only the members whom I contact or accepted can view my full profile.

14) How can I upload photos on my profile?

Log in to your account. Go to the My Profile, click on Manage photo and upload your photos. Kindly also go through the instructions for uploading photos. Approved and unapproved photo are visible separately.

In case of any issues, you may also send your photos to photos@newindianmatrimony.com from your registered email address or through whats app number 9094010400 or 7977694950 along with your details.

15) What type of photo is needed for using with my profile?

You must always use a photo that meets the following requirements

            Postcard size photo in GIF/JPG/JPEG format.

            Minimum of 300 DP resolution

            Taken in plain background

            No caricature, mixing or drawings allowed

            Each photo should be less than 3 MB.

16) What makes a profile good and bring in immediate responses and quick results?

A profile becomes complete and good only when all the required columns are filled in with relevant particulars, and included with multiple numbers of good profile photos taken in a studio. Such a profile brings in more responses and quick results.

17) What Video/Audio can you upload in New Indian Matrimony?

  • You can upload any of your personal videos which express more about yourself or about your family.
  • You can upload your selfie video expressing partner preference
  • You can upload any of your social activities.

If your face any problems while uploading your  Video/ Audio then send it to us through WhatsApp or Email. We will verify and upload for you

18) How can I set my Partner Preference in the profile?

To set partner preference Go to the My Profile, click on “Partner Preferences”.You can set the criteria for your partner search. The system will recommend you profiles as per your criteria on a frequent basis (subject to availability of profiles).

19) How can I search profiles of my choice?

You can use our customized search options to search profiles according to your preference.

1.           Simple Search: - Use this option for searching Bride/Groom by Age, Religion, Caste, Country, right on the Search Page.

2.           Advanced Search: - Use this option to do a detailed or Advanced Search by more criteria like Education, Occupation, Income, etc. Search results can then be further narrowed down or refined on the search result page.

3.           ‘Search by Member id’:- Use this option to directly open a profile with the Profile ID.

20) Can I receive recommendations/alerts on my email address as well?

Listed below are the alerts you will receive from us through e-mail. If you wish to unsubscribe to any of the alerts, please de-select the alert.

•            Daily Match Watch and Membership Expiry Reminders

•            Product and feature promotions - Get updates on new features and products as soon as they're launched

Please ensure to check junk/spam folder in your mailbox, in case you are unable to receive such emails in your Inbox.

21) What is Express Interest?

'Express Interest' is an exclusive feature that enables you to send predefined messages to preferred members absolutely FREE and let them know that you are interested in them.

22) Is there a limit on the number of Express Interest messages I can send in a day?

No, You can send unlimited interests.

23) How will I know if a member has accepted/declined my interest?

You will be notified via e-mail when a member accepts/declines your interest.

24) How to know those members who viewed my profile?

Log in to the account. Go to "My Match" then select 'Who viewed my profile' to get the member list of those who viewed your profile.

25) How to add members to your favourite list?

You can click ‘Add Favourite ‘ icon in the dashboard to add the member in the Favourite List.

26) How to view members of your favourite list?

Log in to the account. Go to "My Match" then select 'Favourite List' to see the profile list whom you have added as your favourite

27) What is the difference between a free and paid membership?

A Free Membership will allow you

            To post your profile free

            To add personal and family and contact information

            To upload and add photo to profile

            To add preferences about the life partner you are looking for and

            Express Free Interest

            Add the preferred profile in Favourite List.

28) What are the Add-on Packages on New Indian Matrimony?

You can choose from a list of Add-on services like Profile Highlighter, Top Position and Astro Match that add value to the profile and hence you will get better visibility and responses on the site.

29) Can I pay for membership with cash?

Yes, Kindly visit nearest ICICI bank branch in your city and deposit cash in our ICICI bank account. Account details are:

Account no: “218505000750”

Account name: “New Indian Matrimony LLP”

Branch name: Saidapet, Chennai.


Inform us the same via e-mail/ phone mentioning the amount of deposit, branch name, membership subscribed for and the date of deposit. We will activate the requested service within 24 to 48 Hrs.

30) What is the advantage of paid membership?

If you have opted for a Paid Membership, in addition to the above, according to the choice of your paid scheme you will be able to

  • To search and view the profiles
  • To view contact details and View Horoscope of Members of all the registered users (free/paid)
  • To send Personal email, and call the other profiles directly where contact numbers are given.
  • To chat instantly with Prospects.

31) What does Offers page contains?

Offers page contains all the latest offers of the New Indian Matrimony.